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I was coming back home from a friend’s place with another friend. She stopped in front of my house, but we talked for an extra five minutes. As I was about to open the car door, my friend tells me there’s a cop car behind us. We didn’t even notice since the cop didn’t have his headlights on. So she moved her car closer to the curb, and then the cop decides to throw his lights on. The cop comes over to “ask us questions.” As we both explained that my friend was just dropping me off at my house, the cop is questioning me like I’m a criminal. He asked me which house was mine and what was my name, and acted like I was lying to him. It was super weird. He was acting so sketchy it was making me feel really uncomfortable…and he’s a cop…go figure. It was one of the most awkward moments.

Luckily nothing happened…however I didn’t know it was hard out here for a white looking hispanic in the suburbs at 11:45pm. Despite the awkward moment, I did have my face on since I did my makeup before I went out. No crazy Lindsey Lohan mugshots for me. Had I had extra time and was clairvoyant, I would have done my makeup like this…

Lady Gaga Telephone Video

Clearly more appropriate. Any jailhouse makeup you would have had on???

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